Thursday, July 1, 2010

Down by the river

Korey is training to climb Mt. Rainier in a couple of weeks. There aren't many places to climb or hike around here, so he's been climbing the stair machine and working out at the gym. Occasionally we hike the canal road and he brings his pack along. 

I had my first big test on tuesday, so afterward we decided to go for a hike to help me unwind.

Our friends Wendy and Jimmy came along for the hike. The heat was sweltering, especially for Korey since he was wearing his pack, so when the trail dipped down close to the river, we took a break. Wendy and I sat by the water while Korey and Jimmy hopped in.

It was absolutely beautiful.

Korey hunted for shells and arrow heads and cool rocks.

Unfortunately he also found some broken glass.

and Jimmy found an aquatic snail.

Jimmy brought his dog, Madison along. At first she just hung out with me and Wendy on the shore.

Isn't she sweet?

The boys soon coaxed Madison into the water. 

Once she got a little taste of the water, she loved it and hopped around all over the place.

And then we took a family portrait before heading for home.

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