Sunday, January 26, 2014

We Meet Again

So this is where I start blogging again, as if I never stopped.

I could try to catch you up, but so much has happened that a list just wouldn't do it justice. So let's just pick up where we left off, like old friends meeting for coffee who haven't had a chance to catch up.

Yes, I'm still married to this guy.

Oh my baby is so adorable, and hardly a baby anymore. Let me show you 700 photos of her that don't do her justice because she's always on the move. She's a walking, talking, real life angel princess sent from Heaven and the most beautiful baby that has ever lived....not that I'm biased.

We still have two Labradors and love them to pieces. No, we didn't get rid of them because of the baby. They play well together and for the most part Kadence plays nice with them without need for correction. We have learned that although Kadence often says, "hey dog." and, much to Clover's chargrin, loves to "pet" their noses, she does not like to share her bed. Poor Ginger learned this the hard way.

We've moved back to our hometown, where we've bought a small home with a large back yard and are finally starting to feel settled in. The last year have been a whirlwind and I'm starting to slow my life back down from warp speed to living in the fast lane. One day I hope to slow down to a Sunday drive pace, but those days will be later on in our lives, when our children are not babies my debts do not weigh so heavy on our shoulders.

I feel as if my mood follows the seasons. Once the joy of Christmas slips away, I am left with a slight depression that I can't seem to shake until the sun begins to shine again. Sometimes, I can pound the sad haze away when my tennis shoes hitting the pavement. I'm still trying to fit all the puzzle pieces of my life back together since baby, graduation, and moving. For so long, exercise just didn't fit anywhere and I'm struggling to squeeze it in. I have to fit it in, for health and happiness.

I didn't make a single new year resolution this year, not to lose weight, or pay debts, or spend less time on facebook. I gave some thought to a few resolutions that I thought might make me more successful this year, things like; eat more slowly, eat more vegetables, stay off the couch when I get home from work. Of course, I have to tell you that today I've been under the weather and so naturally I've spent the day eating ramen noodles, looking at facebook and laying on the couch, sleeping and throwing toys and gold fish crackers to my daughter to keep her pacified. I don't even feel guilty about it....

well, maybe a little bit.

So here I am. Maybe this blogging bug will stick with me better this time around. If not, there's always next year.