Sunday, July 11, 2010

The fourth of July

It seems like so long ago that we celebrated the fourth of July. I don't know why but this four day week creeped along. Summer midterms were tough so the week was filled with studying, labwork, early rising and early morning bedtimes. I'm beginning to think my days are measured by time awake rather than the 24 hour rule. Some days feel so much longer than others. 

The three day weekend flew by in a whirlwind of friends and family, baking and cooking, and fireworks. I made a cake with my adorable friend Katie. She was kind enough to help me and let me ruin her recently cleaned kitchen....sorry about that, Katie. This was most certainly an experiment and I was grateful for her help and support. I saw this cake on i am baker and really wanted to try and make it for the fourth of July. 

Each slice is supposed to look like an American flag. 

It kind of worked. It certainly isn't as pretty as i am baker's version, but it looked "enough" like a flag to me.

The actual fourth of July was spent out on the lake with friends. A friend of a friend has a houseboat and was kind enough to invite us along for the day. We took it out among the crazy channels of Lake Lanier and dodged skiboats and fishing boats, jetskis and sailboats. I use the term "we" rather loosely. I didn't so much "take out" anything but sunscreen, and even that was done much too slowly for my poor reindeer nose and legs and arms. It just so happens that lounging on the top of a houseboat can produce some pretty awkward tan lines. The legs in the picture below are not mine by the way. My friend Stacey and fellow lounger was relaxing next to me as we watched the insane people bouncing back and forth amongst the waves.

Korey was his ever-social self and of course everyone loved him.

Especially Gracie. We finally anchored out in a little cove of islands right outside of Lake Lanier Islands.

We swam and ate and played until the sun drooped down low.

And then we watched it until it sank down beneath the tree line.

As the light disappeared, the lights of the boats around us lit up randomly, like fireflies on a summer night.

A few people had brought their own fireworks and little booming splashes of color and light lit up the twilight sky. 

The ambient light spread out the evening, and then suddenly there it was, the moment where every point of light is stretched out in a line.

And then the show began.

Some of my photos came out crisp and clear.
Others......not so much.

I do love how the boat bounced just the right way to make hundreds of little high heeled sandals in every color. I'll take the red ones, please. 

and now for the finale. 
Happy fourth of July everyone.


  1. Wow, LOVE your 4th of July pictures! Also I wish I'd known you were in town, we were at my parents' house!

  2. Your cake turned out great I think! Better than what I could have done. At least your blue and red resemble the flag and not Easter eggs like the icing for the cupcakes I attempted!