Saturday, February 6, 2010

One day

This weather lately has me dreaming of the between studying for Perio and Operative of course...

In the distant future I hope to have one of these

and a few of these

maybe one of these (only next time I hold one and decide to post it on the internet, I'll try to put a little makeup on.)

a bunch of these

but not this many....

and maybe if Im lucky one of these

especially if the view looks like this

but in the meantime I'll settle for some of these in the near future

and, thanks to Destiny, in the VERY near future I'll be having some of this

and some of these (of course this is the google image representation of the ones that I made that were obviously by Ms. Carrie L. McClain... who felt the need to copyright this picture...of brownies)

in fact. I'd better get ready to go. Dinner is at 7:30...

I can't wait


  1. were those llamas? :) You're the first person I know to say that you'd have some of those!

  2. Those are alpacas! They are very similar to llamas and you can shear them and use their fur to make things out of. It's very soft. Similar to cashmere. I would love to raise a few of them! Aren't they beautiful!?

  3. I love it! Lol...that is so cute! Can I steal your idea? Hehe

  4. P.S. The Captcha for that post was "kartay." In my head it's pronounced with some "partaaayy!"