Saturday, February 13, 2010

Building a snowman/snowlady

OK here is my very first tutorial. Every blog that I read has at least one tutorial and so I guess I must join the ranks of the do-it-yourself-ers... So without further ado, this is how we build a snowman/snowlady in middle GA.

The first step is the most difficult in that it requires not only that you climb out of the perfectly warm and wonderful bed you've been sleeping in, but that you also must convince your dear, sweet husband that it is a good idea for him to get out of bed as well and help you. It will help if you remind him that he is the one that said last night that the snow will probably be gone by noon, because this is middle Ga. Warning: he will try to tempt you by saying things like, "Let's just stay in bed and cuddle and watch episodes of Lost on the computer." Just keep reminding yourself that this is middle GA and it is rare that we get to play in the snow.

Out of cozy, warm bed = halfway finished

Once you've bundled up and made it outside, you can start rolling the snow to make a big ball for the foundation/legs/dress of your snowman/lady. Once you have three of these you can stack them.... Just be careful because if you set one down too hard it will all crumble.

Pause for a moment of reflection and to take a picture of the beautiful blue sky.

Gather random stuff from your kitchen/dining room/Valentine packages from your mother for the face while your sweet husband gets some sticks to make the arms out of.

Try not to eat too many Valentine candy corns. You haven't eaten breakfast yet. 

While you're trying to put it all together, you can fully expect to get pelted by a few snow balls. Let's face it. You were the one that said it would be fun to have a snowball fight in the first place. (I didn't get any pictures of my retaliation. It's hard to hold a camera and throw a snow ball at the same time.)

Then you can take turns getting your picture taken with your masterpiece.

Finally, you can dust off your feet and go back into your warm house where your sweet husband can make you an awesome breakfast of grits and eggs. And just because you're an awesome wife, you just might put your pajamas back on and crawl back into bed so that you can cuddle and watch Lost on your computer. Sometimes a girl has got to sacrifice.

It's a hard knock life.

Enjoy your snowmen/snowladies....and fully expect them to look like this in less than 12 hours.

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