Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Galway Girl

Ok so no way can this be considered a "real" update...but I just felt the need to say, I cannot stop listening to the song "The Galway Girl" by Sharon Shannon. Ok, I know that you could probably do an Irish jig to it (notice I said you...not me....most likely Kelley actually. Kelley if you are reading this, start jigging. It'll help me blog) Anyway, I saw the movie PS. I Love You yesterday. Saddest. Movie. Ever. I think I cried through most of it. Marriage has made me so soft. They play this song in a pub in the movie and it makes it sound all cool and rockstar-ish and I wish wish wish it was on the soundtrack for the movie, but it isn't so I'll just have to stick with the irish jiggy version. Honestly, to me it's still just as lovely.

I'm listening to it right now...with my headphones on....as my husband requested....He doesn't jig either.

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