Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sweet summertime

This weekend was full. Full of friends, and fun, and studying. One of our friends, Lindsey, is moving to Macon and we were able to go to a farewell cookout for her. We arrived late, so it was already dark. We played corn hole with lit up corn hole boards and laughed and played with sparklers.

Luckily, starting the grass on fire with the sparkler embers was an epic fail. If only he had stuck his tongue out a little farther...

I experimented with changing my shutter speed.
It was Korey's idea to try and write with the light

So much fun.
Then we lit the "real" fireworks and watched them from afar. Well, some more afar than others.

What is it about fire that is so beautiful and entrancing?

Some of the "real" fireworks were "really"big. It was amazing to watch them explode in the sky and feel the ash raining down on our shoulders.

It seems so poetic as I type it here but I guess that is because the screeching sounds of exploding color and screaming girls and a couple of boys cannot truly be captured by text. Most of the excitement was caused by the one or two fireworks that managed to tip over and explode on the ground. 

I only wish I had thought to turn and snap the reaction of everyone as they dove for cover like soldiers into a fox hole. 

At the end we burned the paper remains and laughed and talked about what we could do instead of going to sleep and said goodbye to a sweet friend who will surely be missed. 

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