Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Getting back into the swing of things

We had a lot of fun on our beach trip. I really needed that break before being thrown back into the fire.  It’s been tough getting up in the morning, and even tougher staying up in the morning. Mexico beach feels as far away as, well, Mexico. 


We spent time together on the beach, and our friends Melissa and David

 took us fishing on their boat.

It was Korey's first time deep sea fishing and he was a fishing machine.

He caught the first fish and the only king of the day!


Then he caught some red snapper and some trigger fish

and even a shark!

The shark cut the line, which turned out well for both of us since we didn't have any use for it anyway and they are famous for tearing up boats and spoiling fish. 

I managed to catch a few snapper myself.

While we were fishing, a few dolphin showed up and tried to "fish" for our fish as we reeled them in. 

I felt so bad for one of them. He had scars where he had been cut by something and some of his wounds were still pink and raw.

He didn't get any of our fish, but honestly, I wouldn't have minded one bit if he had.

We caught our limit in red snapper, 4 trigger fish and a king fish, and we didn't see one spot of oil, even 20 miles out. It breaks my heart to think of those sandy beaches covered in tar balls, not to mention all of the poor animals and industry that has been destroyed. Hopefully Mexico Beach will be spared. I would love to return.

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