Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All about the beef

So on the way back from the beach, we made a slight detour to Baxley, GA to visit Korey's grandmother. She wanted to go to this restaurant nearby called Benton Lee's Steakhouse. When we got there, she encouraged us to get the sirloin. She said they were famous for them. The sirloin on the menu was measured generically as small, medium, and large. I'll take any opportunity to stretch one meal into two, so I opted for the medium and Korey loves steak so he got the large. 

Well the motto of Benton Lee's is "Our customers don't leave hungry" for a reason.

Our waiter arrived at our table with the biggest steaks I have ever seen in my life. 

Please notice that it is not even on a plate but a huge silver platter, and that was the picture of my medium sirloin.

The large had an extra steak on top of it. Even in pictures it was hard to capture how large these steaks were, so Korey put his dinner roll on it to try and give the picture some perspective. The extra steak on top was the size of a normal steak.

The food was excellent. My only complaint was that they had generic A1, but since my medium steak that provided 3 days worth of leftovers was less than $20.00, I didn't even really care. There will certainly be a next time and don't think I'm too fancy to bring my own steak sauce. 

The view of the river from the porch was pretty spectacular too.

After dinner, I asked Korey's grandmother, "How come you didn't warn us about the steak?"
Her response, 

"You should have seen your face!"

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  1. I love that you would BYO steak sauce. You slay me. Miss you.