Friday, April 16, 2010

Winn took me flying!

One of Korey and my friends, Winn, flies airplanes. Korey was learning to fly for a while before we moved and I'm sure he'll pick it up again when we move back. Well I asked Winn if he would take me flying for my birthday and this is the first weekend we've been home all semester, so as a final hoorah to spring break, Winn took me flying!

Now here are some good looking guys and I was lucky enough to fly with them.

At one point, Winn even let me fly a little. I was so nervous, but Winn is an amazing pilot and has been flying since he was a teenager, so I felt extremely safe having him as my copilot.

It was so beautiful up there.

Especially over the lake.

We even did a flyby of our friends Greg and Shane's ropes course that they built for a water park.

It was so neat. I would love to get my pilot's license someday.

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