Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

And it shows.

There are random daffodils springing up in the corners of our front yard, and I love it. The sun is shining and the air is getting warmer every day. I'm sure that the burst of pollen is not far behind. I've already begun to be a little sneazy, and soon I'll see the world through watery eyes. In spite of that, spring is still my favorite season. I love having fresh flowers on my windowsill. 

This weekend was a full one, and a lot of fun despite my first final being on Wednesday. The next few days will be inundated with studying and lab work, and after this weekend, I feel rested and ready for it. Last week and this week seem to be fairly relaxed, although another storm of tests and practicals is always on the horizon and of course the infamous finals week with 11 finals that is looming less than 6 weeks away.

Saturday was my favorite day of this week. It was a beautiful day outside so we got up and did some yard work to start the day. I use the term "we" loosely. Korey did most of the work while I helped him some and made cookies to take to my good friend Destiny's house for a cookout to celebrate her husband Jon's birthday. It was fun to meet some of their friends from home and some of Jon's family. His official birthday is today and although I'm sure he doesn't read this, happy 24th birthday, Jon! 

We left Destiny and Jon's house around 5 and headed home to get Korey some medicine for his sinus'. He's had a pestering sinus infection and all the yard work from the morning had caught up with him. Once he got some medicine in him and started to feel better, he told me that he had read about a hot air balloon glow in the Chronicle and wanted to see if we could find it since the article didn't say exactly where it was. Our friends Jimmy and Wendy joined us and we went on a scavenger hunt for hot air balloons. It took some driving around but Korey finally spotted the top of a hot air balloon along the tree line. 

We could have taken a tethered ride for a small fee, but we were content just to stand in front of them and watch other people go up and down. 

And when the sun set, the balloons started to glow.

It was amazing.

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  1. oh my GOSH those balloons are BEAUTIFUL! and you look super cute, linz.