Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Setting of the Summer Sun

And so it is, just like it should be, the changing of the seasons. I look back and the last post I wrote also happened to be at the beginning of the seasons.

It was a hard summer. A hot, long summer. A blur really. And now it's over. September hit like a hammer. One day it was all muggy hotness and now a breeze blows in the evening and the temperature is bearable ergo our power bill no longer makes me want to cry. (Korey hides the scary bills from me for this very reason.)

For a little while I felt that I had run out of words, but here they are, just where I left them at the beginning of the spring. So I guess I'll pick up where I left off. I feel like the traditional summer break was skipped altogether, and yet, somehow September always marches in with the inkling to sharpen pencils (AKA click click click on a mechanical pencil because I'm sure you know that dull lead and lactose are two things I just don't tolerate.)

I did manage to take a few pictures and have a little fun. I'll post them up next. For now, I am simply thankful to have the desire to write again. Write anything really. Even a post about nothing. I'm getting back in the swing folks.

I can feel myself coming back to life.

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  1. So glad you are coming back! I have missed your postings!