Saturday, November 13, 2010

Someone else's giveaway and a boat ride.

Ok so if you know me, you know I love blogging, writing on my blog and reading the blogs of friends and strangers alike. Well today when I went to i am baker's website I thought I would click over and see what she was writing on i am mommy as well since she is a multiple blogger. It was there that I discovered she is starting another awesome blog and on this new blog she is hosting a giveaway for $500.00! Seriously, anyone could use $500.00. That would totally buy Christmas presents and buy me some awesome new pay our rent for the month. So go leave a comment here and you will also be entered to win!

Ok now back to a more normal blog entry.  So for our anniversary we bought tickets to go for a boat ride on the Augusta Canal. Unfortunately, it rained so we postponed our ride and honestly, I completely forgot about it until the other day. I had a huge exam wednesday morning for microbiology, so as a reward, we went for our boat ride wednesday afternoon. It was so beautiful. We shared the ride with a lovely older couple. It was narrated by a wonderful knowledgeable guide and I learned a lot about Augusta history as well as some of the local wildlife.

The sky was amazing. I think I prefer cloudy skies to clear ones. They are so much more interesting.

The fall colors were so beautiful.
This photo was not edited at all. Doesn't it look like a watercolor painting?

And check out my awesomely cool husband. What a stud.

So much fun! And we had bought our tickets using the Augusta Chronicle daily deal so we only paid $12.00 total and got admission to the history museum.

Please try to ignore how tired I look.

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  1. Hey just a heads up I blogged about how to get some free Christmas Cards from shutterfly. Thanks for sharing the $500 giveaway!