Thursday, September 16, 2010

Down by the river again

Do you remember this photograph from the canal?

At first I thought it was a joke, but no. There are alligators in the canal and some of them have wandered over to the river side too....but don't ask me about the shark. There wasn't a sign for sharks.

Of course we went to the river again. It's our favorite place in city. It's beautiful, and I get depressed if I  go weeks and months without seeing some form of nature.

When I did my preceptorship as a nurse, a lot of the girls would take smoke breaks. It really wasn't fair. I was always having to watch their patients so that they could go get their nicotine fix. I was working 7-7 so I never saw the sunlight, and life in the florescent lights isn't too uplifting. So after a few weeks of being "the girl who doesn't ever take a break," I started taking them. I knew I could never get into smoking. I can't stand the smell of it, so I just took sunshine breaks. I got a few interesting looks, but I had built up some favors, so no one said anything when I said, "Hey, will you watch Mr. HIPAA, I need to go take a sunshine break?" It made all the difference in the world.

The river is such a carefree place and our little puppy is the least worried of the three of us. No crown preps, no dentures, no problems. Just water and worn rocks and a bouncy, floppy puppy. Just what I needed after skipping lunch and spending four more hours in the lab after class. 

I feel like a proud mother. Every facial expression is different to me. I always take so many pictures of her. Usually, this means that there is little to no evidence that I was ever there. This time, I asked Korey if he would take a picture of me with Clover. He did a pretty good job. 

And then our bouncy girl went right back into the water.

and bounced in line right behind Korey. She loves to follow him.

All too soon, the break was over and we climbed the hill to walk back home.


  1. Lindsey... I love this post!
    First of all, I, too, was tired of watching others' patients so they could smoke. A girlfriend and I would always call each other, say, "you about ready for a smoke break", then meet at the elevators to get a BLIZZARD from the DQ downstairs. Your sunshine breaks are much healthier.
    Secondly, I also feel like a mother with our puppy, Molly! I squeel at all of the adorable expressions she makes and am always saying, "Matt look how cute!", to which he usually says, "She does that all the time!" HA!

  2. i looove clover!!! she is so sweet! also, i am stealing your wreath idea. did you use any kind of instructions or anything? or just make it up as you went?