Saturday, January 30, 2010

A short update

I will try to provide a longer update in the very near future. Anatomy of the head and neck has swallowed me up for a few days.

But I just wanted to say that thanks to many generous bidders, the gourd silent auction brought in $311.00! How exciting is that?

 It will be combined with the money from the bake sale and donated to both the American Red Cross and Unicef. The last time I checked with Naz the bake sale had raised over $1,300.00.  So altogether, our class has raised over $1,600 for Haiti relief. Not that it is a ton of money, but surely every little bit helps, and it is so wonderful to see the class pull together to help people that are in need. It's encouraging to know that the dentists that MCG is sending out into the world are caring and generous people.

So now I have 9 shiny, glittering painted gourds just waiting to be delivered and then you can read all about my next round of shenanigans.

I'm thinking very seriously about having a little get together and making these.

Props to April for the idea. I just hope I don't run out of time to plan it.

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