Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas time is here.

Christmas hit us like a tornado, leaving a path of destruction filled with wrapping paper and new gifts, and then covered us with a blanket of snow. 
We woke up Christmas morning and headed to my parent's house. We made biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon and my sister and her husband made chocolate oatmeal cookies and cinnamon rolls while Andrea Bocelli sang Christmas carols. (Man I love that CD.) Dad finally opened a present that he didn't roll his eyes at, although there were plenty eye-rolling moments. (Seriously mom..... a karaoke machine?!?) Unfortunately, I forgot to take any pictures. We hung out most of the morning and then headed back to Korey's parent's house to have Christmas with them. Korey's sister had these shirts made and gave us all pajama pants to go with them. We pulled out the tripod and the remote and made some Griswold family portraits.

Clover actually sat still for a picture and kind of looked at the camera.
Christmas. Miracle. 

It started snowing in the afternoon and kept going strong the rest of the evening. We set out a bowl and let it fill up and then Kim made some "snow icecream." I had never had it before. You just mix milk, vanilla flavoring, and sugar, and then add snow until it's the right consistency. Just adjust the sugar and vanilla flavoring until it tastes like vanilla icecream.

Doesn't it look awesome!

I attached one of my hair clips from my morning stocking to Clover's hair.
Isn't she beautiful?

This picture cracks me up. What a sweet picture buddy!

This was Clover's very first encounter with snow and my first White Christmas in GA. 

A beautiful, sweet end to a beautiful day.

 Well....Clover wasn't always peaceful about the snow. She went back and forth between impersonating Santa Claus and a grey hound. 

Am I the only one that calls out "Here comes the bunny!" whenever my dog decides to do laps in the yard?

I sure hope not.

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  1. he he love it. I love watching dogs play in snow. they totally freak out! The pjs are awesome. I will be one of those mom's who buys Christmas pajamas for the whole family to celebrate Christmas in! I can't believe ya'll had a white Christmas! Hope to get to see ya'll soon.